AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit

The AeroVee 2.1 is a complete VW Conversion Engine Kit Package, by AeroConversions.

The AeroVee 2.1 package is a 2180 cc, 80 hp Aero-Engine that can be run on AvGas or Auto Fuel. The complete package weighs only 161 lbs! All of the supplied components are brand-new, zero-time parts.

The AeroVee comes as a complete kit that you can assemble yourself in approximately 12 hours, with the aid of an AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manual and an instructional DVD, along with free Phone/Email Technical Support. The AeroVee DVD is available for purchase separate from the engine kit for those who wish to preview the project.

The AeroVee engine kit includes the AeroConversions AeroInjector, providing maximized power and optimized fuel economy in a simple, reliable carburetor design.

AeroVee Engine Kit assembly is made easy with the AeroVee Assembly DVD!

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The AeroVee features dual ignition, using two spark plugs per cylinder and including four independent, solid-state ignition modules, all driven directly off the crankshaft/flywheel assembly. The AeroConversions secondary electronic ignition provides extremely reliable starting under the toughest conditions, while adding "dual-plus" ignition reliability by completing the AeroVee's quadruple-redundent ignition system.

The AeroVee 2.1 represents thousands of hours in engineering, machining and testing and the AeroConversions design team has over 35 years of experience in pioneering and innovating VW engine conversions. The modern AeroVee engine design has thousands of customer-flown fleet hours to its credit, with installations in a wide range of airframes.

AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit: $7,495

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Technical Specifications
Continuous Horsepower:  80 hp @ 3400 RPM
Bore:  92 mm
Stroke:  82 mm
Displacement:  2180 cc
Compression Ratio:  8.0:1 for AvGas*
7.0:1 for Auto Fuel*
Oil Capacity:  2.75 US Quarts
Oil Type:  SAE Multigrade 20/50 (see Approved Oil Specifications)
Firing Order:  1-4-3-2
Spark Plugs:  Autolite MP4163 or equivalent
Carburetor:  AeroInjector ACV-C07S
Starter:  SkyTec Geared Starter
Alternator Output:  20 Amp

160 lbs less oil and exhaust

Propeller Drive:  1:1
Prop Bolt Pattern:  Qty 6, 5/16" diameter @ 4" Center
Prop Drive Bushings:  9/16" diameter x 7/16" long
Battery Required: 

12v @ 20 Amp

*AvGas Requirements: aviation gasoline 91/98 minimum grade conforming to ASTM D 910.

*Auto Fuel Requirements: automotive gasoline with a posted (R+M)/2 of 90 or greater conforming with ASTM D 4814.

Operating Limitations
Idle RPM:  700-900
Cruise RPM:  3200 +/- 200
Maximum RPM:  4000
Oil Temp Min:  160 degrees F
Oil Temp Max:  230 degrees F
Oil Pressure Min:  10 psi
Oil Pressure Max:  100 psi
Oil Pressure @ Cruise:  40-50 psi
CHT @ Cruise:  350-375 degrees F
CHT @ Climb (5 min):  420 degrees F
CHT Max:  450 degrees F
EGT Max:  1400 degrees F


Key Engine Dimensions:

Prop Hub Bolt Pattern:

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  • AeroVee Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Download the AeroVee Manual

    AeroVee Engine Kit Features:

    • Low-profile design provides for low-drag, streamlined cowl installations.
    • "Dual-Plus" quadruple-redundant solid state ignition system.
    • New generation robust Shrink-Fit Prop Hub with rounded keyway.
    • Custom AeroVee Crankshaft for easier assembly and improved durability.
    • Prop Hub/Crankshaft Assembly now available Pre-Assembled as an optional kit upgrade.
    • Precision machined Universal Accessory Plate featuring widely-available motor mount bolt pattern.
    • Standard 20 Amp Alternator, potted for extra durability.
    • Machined high-volume Oil Breather Plate.
    • Light-weight aluminum Flywheel and steel "Center Fitting" with index bolt patterns for simple ignition timing.
    • Drive Bushings for optimum propeller to prop hub load distribution.
    • 3 piece Intake Manifold including billeted aluminum Intake Elbows and stainless steel "V" Tube.
    • ACV-CO7S (32mm) AeroInjector included!
    • Laser-cut, anodized Block-Off Plates included.
    • Zinc-plated steel parts and hardware for improved corrosion resistance.
    • All engine assembly hardware included.
    • High-end aftermarket racing core parts, forged and nitrided wherever possible.
    • Unbeatably-low maintenance and overhaul costs.
    • Detailed AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manual and companion DVD video.
    • Comprehensive AeroVee Firewall-Forward Installation Manual.
    • AeroVee-specific Sky-Tec "Flyweight" geared electric Starter.
    • Many installation accessories available including exhaust and cooling systems.

    Note: AeroVee Exhaust Sold Separately


    Engine Mount Dimensions:


    Engine Mount Pin Specifications:

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    Note: ACV-P01-19 Rubber Shock Mount Bushings
    included with AeroVee Engine Kit.


    Torque & Horsepower Data:

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    AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit: $7,495

    (Online Ordering)

    Download PDF Order Form

  • Get the AeroVee Assembly DVD
  • View Popular AeroVee 2.1 Options
  • AeroVee Frequently Asked Questions
  • See the AeroVee Installations List
  • Download the AeroVee Manual

    Evolution of the Modern AeroVee Engine Kit:

    2002: AeroConversions re-introduced the AeroVee brand to the marketplace with unveiling of the AeroVee 2002, a truly modern VW aircraft conversion utilizing simple and elegant design, high-quality VW core parts, the most robust prop hub assembly installation in the VW conversion marketplace, the latest CNC machining technology and applying a broad history of VW engine conversion design and testing experience.

    December, 2003: AeroConversions introduced the AeroVee secondary electronic ignition, giving the AeroVee dual ignition, improving power and starting, and increasing the total number of independent ignition modules on the AeroVee Engine from 2 to 4, making the "dual-plus" ignition system used today. Dual Ignition Upgrade: Most older, single-ignition AeroVee engines (those produced after 2002) may be upgraded to dual ignition. For details, please contact AeroConversions Technical Support:

    February, 2007: AeroConversions unveiled AeroVee 2.0, an upgraded AeroVee Engine featuring a Standard 20 Amp Alternator that has been potted for extra durability, a new High-Volume Machined Oil Breather Plate and an Enhanced Secondary Ignition system with proprietary AeroConversions Pick-Up Modules and improved Ignition Coils.


    20 Amp Alternator with Potted Stator:


    Machined Oil Breather Plate:

    A 20 Amp Alternator is now standard equipment on all new AeroVee Engine Kits. Existing AeroVee customers may purchase the Potted 20 Amp Stator, precision Machined Magnet Ring and Stator Plate as an upgrade. For details, please contact AeroConversions Technical Support: The new Machined Oil Breather Plate offers higher breather volume and better durability over the previous PVC breather elbow. Existing AeroVee customers may purchase this part as an upgrade.

    March, 2008: Introduction of AeroVee 2.1. Due to the increasing volume of AeroVee engine sales, we have been able to incorporate new features that enhance the already robust AeroVee design. The new AeroVee 2.1 features a purpose-built custom crankshaft that has a larger diameter and longer prop hub interface. This new design also eliminates the distributor drive gear and the racer spacer, making for an easier assembly. AeroVee 2.1 continues to use standard bearings, eliminating the need for custom bearings and allowing for easy replacement at overhaul time. All external steel conversion components are also now zinc plated for improved aesthetics and additional corrosion resistance.

    AeroVee 2.1 Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: I currently have an AeroVee 2180/AeroVee 2.0. Should I consider upgrading to the new AeroVee 2.1 Crankshaft?
    A: No. As stated above, the new 2.1 features were phased in to enhance the already reliable AeroVee Engine Conversion. A carefully assembled, installed, and maintained AeroVee Engine will continue to deliver reliable power for years and years of flying fun.

    Q: I haven’t assembled my engine yet, can I exchange the old parts for new?
    A: Since these parts have been discontinued for new engines, Sonex is not offering an exchange program on the 2.0 parts.

    Q: I would like to upgrade from the previous 2.0 to the new 2.1 version, what would this cost me?
    A: The following parts are needed to upgrade to AeroVee 2.1: ACV-P01-98 Custom Crank Shaft, ACV-H01-16 Prop Hub 2.1, ACV-H01-17 Prop Hub Washer, ACV-P01-99 Forward Woodruff Key, ACV-P01-100 Aft Woodruff Key, ACV-P01-101 Oil Slinger, ACV-Z01-74 Prop Hub Bolt, ACV-P01-62 Crank Timing Gear, and ACV-P01-64 Crank Gear Lock Ring. Current pricing for these parts can be found in the AeroVee Service Parts section of the Sonex Web Store.

    December, 2008: Pre-Assembled Prop Hub/Crankshaft Assembly

    AeroConversions is pleased to announce that all customers now have the option of purchasing a Pre-Assembled Prop Hub/Crankshaft Assembly for the AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit Package. The cost of this assembled crankshaft option is $295.

    Customers who already have their AeroVee 2.1 Engines are also welcome to return their crankshaft assembly parts and have them assembled by AeroConversions. The cost of this option is also $295 (plus shipping both ways). Please contact AeroConversions Technical Support for an RMA# and a list of items to be returned if you are interested in this option.

    While the overwhelming majority of AeroVee customers have had success in accomplishing this crankshaft assembly, there have been a few that have struggled with them. Our goal is to make the AeroVee Engine assembly as simple as possible and to take care of the market segment that has been requesting this option.



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