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AeroVee Laser-Cut "Fence" Baffle Kit

The AeroVee Laser-Cut "Fence" Baffle Kit provides excellent cooling for the AeroVee line of engines, and other VW aircraft installations. The Fence Baffle Kit is laser-cut to fit every nook and cranny of the VW engine. The fences are sized and contoured for Sonex Aircraft installations, however, the fences may be trimmed or extended by customers as-needed to fit other cowl profiles.

The AeroVee Laser-Cut "Fence" Baffle Kit includes all laser-cut baffel parts, rubber baffle seal material, pulled rivets and full installation instructions.

Available in configurations for:

  • B-Model and Legacy Sonex, Waiex and Xenos airframes using Top Mount Oil Cooler
  • Legacy Sonex, Waiex and Xenos airframes using Bottom Mount Oil Cooler
  • Onex airframes (Top Mount Oil Cooler only)

AeroVee Laser-Cut
"Fence" Baffle Kit



Jabiru Universal Baffle Kit & Sonex/Jabiru Installation Guide

AeroConversions laser-cut and formed cooling baffles are included with all Jabiru Engines purchased from Sonex, LLC. These cooling baffles are provided for simple FWF installation and optimized cooling. The Jabiru Universal Cooling Baffle Kit package is compatible for use on both Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines. Although the AeroConversions Jabiru Universal Baffle Kit is tailored specifically for Sonex Aircraft installations, they may be easily modified by customers to fit other installations and this baffle design has proven popular in a wide variety of other aircraft. The Universal Jabiru Baffle Kit includes the very detailed Sonex/Jabiru FWF Installation Manual, which contains general information that will prove valuable in any Jabiru installation, including details regarding use of the AeroConversions AeroCarb.

Jabiru Universal Baffle
Kit & Install Guide




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