AeroConversions Trim System

The AeroConversions Trim System (ACV-T01) unit is ideal for installation in Sonex Aircraft and are is only additional item needed to convert the Sonex to a Sport Trainer. It works exceptionally well for trimming hands off at slow speed compared to using a trim tab system. The Trim System kit includes all the items needed for a typical installation along with an instruction manual.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages of the AeroConversions Trim System compared to the trim tab system in the Sonex Plans?

While the trim tab system in the Sonex Plans is quite capable, the AeroConversions Trim System enjoys the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the exterior trim tab on the Elevator of a conventional tail aircraft like the Sonex.
  • Makes fine pitch/speed adjustments simple. There is an infinite amount of fine adjustment. On the Sonex, one full turn on the trim unit equals an approx. 2-3 mph of speed change.
  • Allows for "hands off" flying even with full flaps. Better system for transition training or giving instruction.
  • Perfect for "Y-tail" or "V-tail" aircraft where the addition of an elevator trim tab is not practical/possible.

The AeroConversions ACV-T01 "Dial-A-Speed" set-up is perfect for making small speed adjustments. It reduces the already minimal pilot workload in the Sonex Family of Aircraft even further.

This Trim System is available to any homebuilder for use in their aircraft as the instruction manual was written with enough general information to accommodate a wide range of installations.

How does it work?

The ACV-T01 system uses two springs to put tension on the control stick and "balance it". When you turn the Knob on the Trim unit, you are applying small forward or aft pressure on the stick (Nose Up or Nose Down), essentially applying small elevator pressures.

When you find you're flying by holding a bit of back pressure on the stick, give the red knob a turn or two and you'll find you can release the stick and the aircraft will fly right along hands free.

The reason we have unofficially dubbed it the "Dial-A-Speed" Trim System, is because it offers precise-enough pitch control to actually control airspeed at fixed power settings. Want to fly a little slower? Turn the knob clockwise and give yourself a little up trim (raising the nose). A little faster? Turn the know counter-clockwise and lower the nose. We really like this system on approach with full flaps where you can select whatever speed you want to fly at. Just dial it in.

How is it installed and when can it be installed?

The ACV-T01 Trim system can be installed at any point of aircraft construction, or can be retrofitted to currently flying aircraft. It can be installed in any of the Sonex Family of Aircraft including the Sonex, Waiex, or Xenos. It requires the addition of a spring mount bracket in the Sonex along with a mount bracket and cables and associated hardware supplied with the unit. The trim tab system can be removed in any flying Sonex and replaced with the ACV-T01 system. Note that you do not need to install all of the "Sport Trainer" Sonex Modifications to use this trim system. The manual supplied with the Trim Unit gives you step-by-step instructions for installing this unit in your aircraft.


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