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AeroConversions is a product line of Sonex, LLC. Please contact Sonex Staff for Sales Inquires, Orders, Technical Support and Billing Inquires using the resources below. Note that all transactions are subject to Sonex, LLC Terms and Conditions

Sales Inquiries:


Placing Orders:

Online Ordering: Sonex Web Store

AeroVee Service Parts
AeroInjector Service Parts


Mail Order:
Sonex, LLC
511 Aviation Rd.
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Fax: 920-426-8333

When preparing to make an email or fax order, please make sure you have available the part number, quantity, description and cost of all parts you wish to order. If you are unsure of what to order, or cannot find the part number, please contact our sales or technical support staff to get the information you need to place an order.

All orders require your full name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, email address, and payment information, even if it is already on file with us. When placing telephone orders, you will be asked to confirm that information verbally.

When ordering AeroVee or AeroInjector/AeroCarb Service Parts online, you will need your AeroVee or AeroCarb serial number to complete your order. If you have an AeroInjector (AeroInjectors not serial numbered), type-in your AeroInjector purchase invoice number or order date in the space provided for serial numbers. All serial numbers and AeroInjector purchase information is manually verified by our order entry staff when processing orders.

Technical Support:


Before emailing Sonex Tech Support, please prepare yourself with the following information. This will help us answer your question as quickly and accurately as possible:

  • Please inform us as to the AeroConversions Product you are using, and what type of aircraft you are using it in.
  • When applicable, the specific part number of the part you are working on.
  • The AeroConversions Manual or other AeroConversions Instructional Documentation you are working from, with revision number and page number, as applicable.
  • When applicable, the steps you have already taken to fix or identify the problem.
  • When emailing, please be sure to give us your full name, AeroConversions product and serial number (if applicable), and aircraft type. All customer email correspondence is retained in our archives, filed by name. This correspondence history helps Sonex, LLC staff to serve you more efficiently when addressing subsequent inquiries.

Email is definitely the preferred method of contact for Technical Support, especially if you are able to provide digital pictures of the part, assembly or installation your question concerns.

Billing Inquiries:



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