AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants

Quadrant - LH


The AeroConversions Throttle Quadrant, designed to work with the AeroConversions AeroInjector and other carburetors, is an attractive, simple and easy to install throttle quadrant giving the sport pilot positive and precise throttle control at a competitive price.

Left-Hand and Right-Hand Throttle Quadrants are available to provide dual, slaved throttle control on both cockpit walls with one engine control output from the LH quadrant.

Designed for use in a center-cockpit control column, The Throttle Quadrant ST features a placarded backing plate, angled control arm for instrument panel clearance, and dual control grips for authoritative control from both sides of the cockpit. While the standard AeroConversions Throttle Quadrant is intended for mounting on the cockpit wall, the Throttle Quadrant ST is perfectly suited for use in a Sonex or Waiex Sport Trainer configuration.

Designed specifically for the AeroInjector, AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants may also be used with any other carburetor equipped for reversing pull-throttle actuation. Customers may optionally attach external linkage to a hole provided in the upper throttle arm to convert the AeroConversions Throttle Quadrant to a non-reversing control.

The Throttle Quadrant features an adjustable friction knob and an optional push-pull mixture control bracket, integrated pull cable-end fitting, and an open-backed design for easy installation and mounting. Maximum throttle arm throw for both reversing and non-reversing attach points is 39mm.

The Aeroconversions Throttle Quadrant includes the optional mixture control bracket, a 120-inch throttle cable assembly and cable adjusters along with installation instructions which are written with enough general information to accommodate installation in a wide range of aircraft. This assembly package does not include a push-pull mixture cable.

Mixture Cable installed in
Optional Mixture Bracket

Frequently Asked Questions:

What advantages does this "pull-type" set-up offer over the "push-type" set-up in the AeroCarb?

The pull set-up offers a longer throttle travel than the push-pull cable set-up, which has been a common request from users of the AeroCarb (predesessor to the AeroInjector). It also offers a greater mechanical advantage opening and closing the AeroCarb/AeroInjector, which is a nice feature especially for "higher suction" engines like the 3300 Jabiru or larger Continental and Lycoming Engines. Throttle Quadrants are also ideal for pusher engine configurations like the VariEze or Long-EZ.

Quadrant - RH


Dual Throttle Quadrant Kit - LH+RH



Quadrant ST


I have an AeroCarb (predecessor to the AeroInjector). Is it compatible with the AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants?

All AeroCarbs manufactured with serial numbers newer than those in the following table are equipped for "IP" (Internal Pull) actuation, and therefore may be used with a reversing throttle quadrant like AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants. If your carb is older than the listed serial numbers, you will need to purchase an AeroInjector.

AeroCarb Serial Numbers Equipped with Internal Pull Actuation
Carb Model:
Serial Number:
143 and newer
545 and newer
450 and newer
263 and newer

What kind of modifications do I have to make to a flying Sonex, Waiex, or Xenos in order to install this quadrant?

The throttle cable is replaced by the cable and housing provided with the Throttle Quadrant. We also moved the canopy latch handle aft to clear the throttle quadrant handle.


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