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It's Turbo Time! AeroVee Turbo Orders Now Accepted

AeroVee Turbo 100 hp: $10,995
AeroVee Turbo Upgrade Pkg: $3,995

(online ordering)

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AeroVee Turbo Specifications:
Horsepower: 100 hp @3400 RPM
Bore:  92 mm
Stroke:  82 mm
Displacement:  2180 cc
Compression Ratio:  8.0:1 for AvGas*
7.0:1 for Auto Fuel* (currently testing at AeroConversions)

*AvGas Requirements: aviation gasoline 91/98 minimum grade conforming to ASTM D 910.

*Auto Fuel Requirements: automotive gasoline with a posted (R+M)/2 of 90 or greater conforming with ASTM D 4814.

Oil Capacity:  3 US Quarts
Oil Type:  SAE Multigrade 20/50 (see Approved Oil Specifications)
Firing Order:  1-4-3-2
Spark Plugs:  Autolite MP4163 or equivalent
Carburetor:  AeroInjector ACV-C07S
Starter:  SkyTec Geared Starter
Alternator Output:  20 Amp

185 lbs less oil

Propeller Drive:  1:1
Prop Bolt Pattern:  Qty 6, 5/16" diameter @ 4" Center
Prop Drive Bushings:  9/16" diameter x 7/16" long
Battery Required: 

12v @ 20 Amp
AeroVee Turbo
Operating Limitations:
Max. Continuous Power: 35 in Hg MAP
Max. Power (2 minuites): 40 in Hg MAP
Idle RPM: 700-900
Cruise RPM: 3200-3400
Max. RPM: 4000
Oil Temp Min: 100 degrees F
Oil Temp Max: 230 degrees F
Oil Pressure Min: 10 psi
Oil Pressure Max: 100 psi
Oil Pressure @ Cruise: 40-50 psi
CHT @ Cruise: 350-375 degrees F
CHT @ Climb (5 min): 420 degrees F
CHT Max: 450 degrees F
EGT Max: 1400 degrees F

Sonex Aircraft announced at a press and customer briefing on July 27, 2014 that orders are now being accepted for the long-anticipated AeroVee Turbo, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter of 2014!

The AeroVee Turbo is rated as a 100 horsepower engine at sea level, and yields significant performance enhancement to the Sonex line of aircraft without breaking the bank. Price of the AeroVee Turbo is $10,995, and an AeroVee Turbo Upgrade package is being made available for installation with existing AeroVee Engines, even those already installed and flying, at a price of $3,995.

In a Sonex Aircraft, the AeroVee Turbo will yield a rate of climb up-to 1300 fpm, and a TAS at 8000' of 175 mph. Two Sensenich fixed-pitch propeller options are being offered for AeroVee Turbo installations on Sonex Aircraft. A 54" diameter x 50" pitch prop is intended for those wishing to maximize climb performance while still retaining a very-respectable 170 mph TAS cruise capability at 8,000'. A 56" diameter x 52" pitch prop will maximize top-end speeds, measured as-high as 187 mph TAS using WOT at 8,000' (38 in HG MAP) during Sonex/AeroVee Turbo flight test. Designed with simplicity in-mind, the AeroVee Turbo is intended for use with fixed pitch, or ground-adjustable propellers, keeping the package Sport Pilot Eligible by not requiring a constant-speed propeller, and with sea level cruise just under the Sport Pilot maximum speed at 135mph TAS.

The AeroVee Turbo is a pull-through turbo arrangement utilizing the standard AeroVee-sized 32mm AeroInjector. As a "free-floating" system, boost is controlled only by throttle setting limited by a fixed waste gate and power still diminishes with gains in altitude, but losses are not nearly as-drastic as those with a normally-aspirated engine. This allows the cruise speed of an AeroVee Turbo in a Sonex Aircraft at-altitude to eclipse the performance of the 120hp Jabiru 3300 engine.


Watch the AeroVee Turbo Webinar!

Watch the archive video of a live AeroVee Turbo webinar presented on October 29, 2014 by Sonex Aircraft CEO Jeremy Monnett. This webinar, the latest update on the AeroVee Turbo, offers an in-depth look at the product, installation and performance.


Watch the Sonex/AeroVee Turbo Video Tour!


AeroVee Turbo FAQ's:

Q1: Can I place the order now and if so how much does it cost?
A1: Yes. You can order online, or download our AeroVee Turbo order form.
Conversion package is $3,995.00 (includes intake and exhaust) and $10,995.00 for the full AeroVee Turbo Engine Kit. 1/3 down secures order position with remainder due before it ships. It’s important to note this pricing includes the new turbo exhaust system (exhaust is a $445 option with the normally aspirated AeroVee 2.1)

Q2: When will you be shipping Turbo Packages?
A3: The first in line will ship before the end of this year (2014). Like all sonex products, these will ship in the order that deposit payments are received.

Q3: What kind of documentation will you have for the Turbo?
A3: The AeroVee Turbo will have its own dedicated Assembly and Installation Manual, written in the same illustrated format as the existing AeroVee manual. This complete documentation package includes installation and maintenance manuals and a detailed packing list of all contents.

Q4: Will the AeroVee Turbo Manual be available for download?
A4: No. The AeroVee Turbo is the result of years of research and development effort and refinement, and the system's details are highly proprietary at this time. As large amounts of AeroVee Turbo packages are shipped over the coming years, the manual may eventially be made available for download from our web site, as the Normally Aspirated AeroVee manual is today. Until then, the AeroVee Turbo Assembly and Installation Manual will be distributed in printed form, with AeroVee Turbo shipments only.

Q5: What kind of performance difference is there with the Turbo?
A5: The turbo is a 100hp package (+20hp over the normally aspirated AeroVee, which will from here on be referred to as AeroVee 2.1) with an additional advantage... at higher altitude, performance will not degrade as rapidly as it does with normally aspirated engines. This makes it a great option for those operating at high field elevations or those wanting to cross over mountains! The AeroVee Turbo package increases climb performance 200-300 fpm with the Sonex Family and increases speed performance at altitude by approximately 25 mph.

Q6: How much run time and flight time do you have on the Turbo?
A6: We’ve been working on this program off and on since 2007. The latest turbo R&D efforts included extensive running in our test cell with the latest set-up running since June of 2013. In the 10 weeks prior to AirVenture 2014, we’ve put over 20 flight hours on it in N123SX (displayed in the Sonex Booth) running 4 different propellers, and many more hours have been put on the installation since then -- it is now out of phase I flight testing and available for T-Flight Transition Training customers to fly!

Q7: How much does the turbo installation add to the AeroVee install weight?
A7: The AeroVee 2.1 (without turbo) weighs 160 lbs dry. The Turbo AeroVee weighs 185 lbs dry, so the turbo installation adds 25 lbs. Watch Jeremy’s Weight and Balance EAA Webinar in the archive to see how that impacts useful load and weight and balance. As we have done with the 3300 Jabiru-powered Sonex Aircraft Family, we have increased the gross weight by 50 lbs using the AeroVee Turbo being much more comfortable with the power-to-weight Ratio…especially at higher-altitudes and/or on high density altitude  days. So you do not lose useful load. From a weight and balance perspective, the impact is minimized due to most of the weight being added very close to the firewall, so there is very little moment arm on it and thus does not impact the baggage or fuel capacity or pilot/passenger weights.

Q8: I understand the Nikasil Cylinders are not compatible with the AeroVee Turbo. Can I exchange these for a set of steel cylinders?
A8: Sonex will not be accepting Nikasil Cylinders for credit/exchange because we no-longer stock Nikasil Cylinders as an option for our engines. Comparable Nikasil Cylinders are selling on eBay starting at $550 per set, so you may be able to sell these privately.

Q9: I have a brand-new AeroVee Package I bought from you still in the box...can I exchange some parts?
A10: Yes. Contact our Sales or Technical Support staff for a list of items that may be eligible for return.
Note 1: Customers must contact our technical support department and obtain an RMA number before sending any items back. Once they are inspected and restocked, the credit will be applied.
Note 2: there are a few misc hardware items that you will not use with the turbo but the retail value of these is very small and these will not be accepted for credit.

Q10: I have an AeroVee I’ve been flying with....can I return those parts for credit?
A10: No. Used/run parts will not be accepted for return.

Q11: What AeroVee Options do you recommend I purchase with my AeroVee Turbo Package?
A11: We recommend the ACV-C10-30 Air Filter Assembly and ACV-S03-01 Oil Separator. Customers who purchase the turbo may also be interested in the ACV-P01-106 Top-Mount Oil cooler mount with hardware, Assembled Crankshaft Option, Cooling Baffle Kits which are the same between Turbo and Normally Aspirated AeroVee Installations, and AeroConversions CHT Probes.

Q12: Will the turbo package work with the entire Sonex Aircraft Family (Sonex, Waiex, Xenos, and Onex) including the tri-gear configurations?
A12: Yes. We have worked the routing of the Turbo Intake and Exhaust Tubes to work with every available Sonex Aircraft configuration. The tightest fit is in the Onex Tri-Gear. Sonex will be converting our Onex Tri-Gear into an AeroVee Turbo this fall and will have FWF installation guide just like we do for the normally aspirated AeroVee.

Q13: I understand you have a permanent oil filter that I can install in my aerovee engine.
A13: Yes, this oil filter is lower-mounted and replaces the ACV-P01-53 oil change kit and/or the ACV-P02-20 oil sump plate. The ACV-P06-75 Mini Sump with Filter Kit has an oil return fitting machined in to allow for an oil return line from an oil separator.

Q14: Are you going to run some tests on Auto Fuel with the AeroVee Turbo?
A14: Yes. We are setting up the next turbo set-up at 7:1 Compression Ratio. This will be run on auto fuel and the engine will then be moved to our Onex Tri-Gear (N222NX) Prototype for evaluation and testing. The results of these tests will be shared with the Sonex Community when they are ready.

Q15: What propellers do you recommend with the AeroVee Turbo?
A15: See our propeller order form for the two recommended propellers...a “sprinter” that optimizes climb performance and a “cruiser” that optimizes fuel economy cruise and top-end speed.

Q16: How can I learn more?
A16: Watch the AeroVee Turbo Webinar and stay tuned to our web site for more developments!



New From AeroConversions: The AeroBrake Hydraulic Braking System!

AeroConversions AeroBrake
Hydraulic Braking System:

Packages Starting At: $350.00

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is excited to announce another addition to the AeroConversions product line: the AeroBrake Hydraulic Braking System! Due to popular demand, the AeroBrake is the first hydraulic brake product specifically designed for use with Sonex Aircraft airframes. The versatile AeroBrake design may also be used on a wide-variety of other experimental aircraft designs. While Sonex has had great success with the standard Azusa mechanical brake system over the years, the AeroBrake offers improved stopping power and smooth braking action in a head-to-head comparison of the installations.

In-keeping with the Sonex and AeroConversions tradition of providing simple and elegant products for sport aviation, the AeroBrake employs a unique non-caliper design that allows convenient and easy removal of the wheel assembly for maintenance of tires, wheels & bearings. The AeroBrake uses a simple disk as a bolt-on addition to standard Azusa-1137 or equivalent wheels. The AeroBrake assembly retains the same axle-to-wheel spacing as the traditional Azusa drum brake installation, and the entire installation weighs the same as a drum brake installation using AeroConversions Machined Brake Drums. Designed to use a 3/4" axle, builders may use bushings to adapt the AeroBrake for use with smaller axles.

Full installation kits are available for Sonex/Waiex/Xenos or Onex aircraft installation, including a simple and robust master cylinder, allowing builders to retain Sonex Aircraft's trademark universal braking with the existing brake handle form & function, including use of the parking brake detent. Universal (non-differential) braking, combined with Sonex Aircraft direct-steering nose wheel or tail wheel, offer the most positive control of the aircraft while making Sonex Aircraft tail wheel aircraft some of the easiest tail draggers to fly. Builders may use their own alternative master cylinder(s) to mount the brake control to the stick, or if differential braking is desired. Installation kits also include new laser-cut wheel pant mounting plates designed specifically for AeroBrake installation.

The AeroBrake is competitively priced, with packages starting at $350. Upgrade price for new Complete Airframe Kit or Sub-Kit purchase is $300. AeroBrake packages will be in-stock and available for shipping during the month of February, 2013. Place your order today to receive the earliest shipping opportunity!

AeroBrake's unique non-caliper design allows convenient and easy removal of the wheel assembly for maintenance of tires, wheels & bearings. The AeroBrake uses a simple disk as a bolt-on addition to standard Azusa-1137 or equivalent wheels.

Typical Onex aircraft installation including laser-cut wheel pant mount plate.

Typical Sonex/Waiex/Xenos aircraft installation including laser-cut wheel pant mount plate.

A simple and robust master cylinder is available, offering standard Sonex Aircraft universal brake actuation.

The AeroBrake master cylinder uses the standard Sonex Aircraft brake handle, offering identical form and function.

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