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AeroVee Laser-Cut "Fence" Baffle Kit

The Fence Baffle Kit is laser-cut to fit every nook and cranny of the VW engine. The fences are sized and contoured for Sonex Aircraft installations, however, the fences may be trimmed or extended by customers as-needed to fit other cowl profiles.

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AeroVee Laser-Cut
"Fence" Baffle Kit



2-into-1 Stainless AeroVee Exhaust

The 2-into-1 Stainless AeroVee Exhaust provides 2-into-1 collection on each side, using two headers and two slip-on extensions, made from 304 stainless steel. ACV-E01-02 (pictured) features long extension pipes made to exit from a small cowl opening at the bottom center of the Sonex, Waiex or Xenos firewall. Customers installing the AeroVee on aircraft other than Sonex aircraft may make custom slip-on pipes to fit virtually any installation, or trim/re-bend the provided extension pipes to suit. ACV-E01-03 AeroVee Exhaust features shorter extension pipes for installation on Onex single-place aircraft. Ships with intstallation hardware and instructions. Weight of exhaust and hardware is 7.5 lbs (ACV-E01-02). Download Dimensioned 3-View Drawing (124kb PDF File)

2-into-1 Stainless
AeroVee Exhaust



Stainless AeroVee Exhaust Flanges

For those who cannot utilize the 2-into-1 Stainless AeroVee Exhaust (above), AeroConversions offers laser-cut 304 stainless steel, 0.190" thick, AeroVee Exhaust Flanges for use in fabrication of custom VW exhausts.

Stainless AeroVee
Exhaust Flanges (ACV-E01-14A)

$27.00 (set of 4)


Oil Cooler Top Mount Plate

Top Mount oil cooler installation in Waiex B-Model prototype.

(ACV-P01-106) Oil Cooler Top Mount Plate allows for mounting a standard VW oil cooler to the top of the AeroVee Engine while reversing the oil cooler's orientation to not sit over the cylinders, and moving the cooler aft to allow for streamlined cowl installations.

The AeroVee Oil Cooler Top Mount Plate is specifically intended for installation in current Sonex Aircraft models, but also may be applicable to other non-Sonex AeroVee Engine installations.

AeroVee Oil Cooler Top
Mount Plate (ACV-P01-106)



AeroConversions CHT Probes

Tired of ruining your old CHT probes every time you touch your spark plugs? Introducing AeroConversions CHT Probes for Jabiru, AeroVee and other VW-based Engines!

Unlike traditional CHT probes which are installed under spark plugs, AeroConversions CHT probes are made to be attached to cylinder heads independently. For AeroVee, or any other VW head engines, the AeroConversions CHT Probe is screwed into the cylinder head with a small self-tapping screw. For Jabiru Engines, the probes are installed under cylinder head bolts.

AeroConversions CHT Probes are sold in sets of 2 probes, available in either K-Type or J-Type, depending upon your instrumentation's requirements. Thermocouple wire length: 48 inches.

Important Note: AeroConversions CHT Probes are NOT COMPATIBLE with the newest Jabiru engines which have narrow cylinder head fins: Jabiru 2200 serial number 2552 and newer; Jabiru 3300 serial number 960 and newer

AeroConversions K- and J-Type
CHT Probes for AeroVee and Jabiru

$35.00 (set of 2)


Oil Pressure Sender (VDO)

VDO brand Oil Pressure Sender: 0-80 PSI/5 Bar; 10-180 Ohms; Single Station (for one gauge), Standard Ground; 1/8" NPT thread; VDO PN#360-001

VDO Oil Pressure
Sender (ACV-P01-76)



Oil Temperature Sender (VDO)

VDO brand Oil Temperature Sender: 300F/150C; 10-180 Ohms; screw cap Single Station (for one gauge), Standard Ground; M14x1.5 thread; VDO PN#323-055D

VDO Oil Temperature
Sender (ACV-P01-77)



AeroConversions Spinner/Crush Plate Now with Hollow Center!

AeroConversions Spinner/Crush Plate machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum billet doubles as Crush Plate and Spinner. Great for higher RPM engines that tend to shed traditional sheet metal or fiberglass spinners. Fits AeroVee, Jabiru 2200, Rotax and UL Power (standard flange) Prop Hub Bolt Pattern with 5/16" dia. bolt holes. Also availalable to fit SAE-1 prop hub bolt pattern with 3/8" dia. bolt holes, used on Jabiru 3300 and many other engines. New hollow-center spinners are approximately half the weight of earlier AeroConversions spinners. Weights: AeroVee/2200/Rotax/UL Power (standard flange) - 1lb, 4.5oz; SAE-1 (3300) - 1lb, 14oz.

AeroConversions Crush Plate/Spinner



AeroVee/Jabiru 2200 Crush Plate

Laser-cut and anodized 0.25" thick 6061-T6 aluminum AeroVee Crush Plate fits AeroVee and Jabiru 2200 Prop Hub Bolt Pattern with 5/16" dia. bolt holes.

AeroVee/Jabiru 2200
Crush Plate (ACV-H01-13)



AeroConversions Air Filter Assembly

AeroConversions Air Filter Assembly may be fitted directly or remotely to the intake bell of the AeroConversions AeroCarb/AeroInjector (AeroInjector supplied with AeroVee Engine Kit) and uses readily-available automotive-type 4" diameter replacement filter elements. Ships with Qty 1 air filter element.

AeroConversions Air Filter
Assembly (ACV-C10-30)



AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants

AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants, made specifically for use with the AeroConversions AeroCarb/AeroInjector (AeroInjector supplied with AeroVee Engine Kit). Available for side or center mounting.

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Throttle Quadrants


AeroConversions Oil Separator


New and Improved with Larger Volume and Enhanced Aerobatic Capability!

The AeroConversions Oil Separator is a high-quality welded and powder-coated aluminum assembly designed to save oil vs. direct overboard crankcase breathers in normal flight operations, and is a great way to keep the belly of your aircraft clean! The AeroConversions Oil Separator has provisions for both an overboard vapor breather/dump tube, as well as optional installation of an oil return line to the engine's oil sump, perfect for use with the AeroConversions Machined Oil Sump Plate. In addition, the AeroConversions Oil Separator features an extra-high-volume design and a ball-bearing gravity changeover valve offering enhanced inverted flight performance in entry-level aerobatic aircraft. The AeroConversions Oil Separator allows oil to be retained and returned to the engine during short-duration inverted and negative G maneuvers.

Specifications: Total Oil Separator volume: 40 oz.; Volume held before overboard dump if no oil return line is installed: 33 oz. Diameter: 4 inches; Total Height: 7.5 inches. Breather Input and Oil Drain/Return Ports: 1/2-10 NPT. Vapor Port Out: 5/8" OD tube.

The AeroConversions Oil Separator ships with comprehensive installation instructions suitable for a wide-range of engine installations. AN fittings, hoses & clamps not included. See the AeroConversions Oil Separator Installation Instructions for more information.

AeroConversions Oil Separator



AeroConversions Machined Oil Sump Plate

Machined and anodized aluminum AeroConversions Oil Sump Plate is an optional replacement for the standard stamped metal AeroVee oil sump plate and allows for the installation of an oil return line from an oil separator. Additional 1/4 NPT threaded hole provided for oil return line. Includes 1/4 NPT plug for use if no oil return line is installed.

AeroConversions Machined Oil Sump Plate



Mini Sump with Filter Kit

For those desiring a permanent oil filter for their engine. Included as standard equipment with all AeroVee Turbo kits. Available for AeroVee 80hp, but not required. Includes additional 1/4 NPT threaded hole provided for oil return line from an oil separator. Includes 1/4 NPT plug for use if no oil return line is installed.

Mini Sump with Filter Kit


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